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Custom made OXM

Operator Excellence Manager (OXM)

OXM, a combination of Simulator practice, e-Learning and Learning management

Imagine ...

Imagine a world in which achieving full operator excellence is at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. Wouldn’t that be a perfect world? Such a world becomes real when you combine an extend e-Learning theory with simulation practice in a Learning Management System. Providing a complete learning experience using interactive process simulation and e-learning theory with unlimited room for experiments and immediate feedback on actions and obtaining high retention rates. Make performance assessments in real-time. Interact and cooperate to solve simulated real-world problems. Develop, deploy and manage your interactive simulation courses and their results over the internet.

Protomation facilitates this vision!


We will improve the plant operation experience via a management extracted curriculum. We call it OXM, Operator Excellence Manager. We use our own software suit Process Studio. Process Studio integrates seamlessly with all the major Learning Management Systems (LMS) facilitating self-paced training by running interactive process simulation models with generic emulated DCS controls, providing assessment and certification results that enables trainers to manage the training of their operators and HR management to manage their capital in the process industry.

OXM integrates Simulation practice, Learning Management system and e-Learning Theory.

Simulation Practice

Process Studio delivers real-time interactive process simulation in a standard browser to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

e-Learning Theory

The E-Learning environment (HTML), containing the theory and exercises, and guiding the trainee through the lessons.

Learning Management System

The LMS system is where the lessons are started, and where a final result (if available) will be recorded. OXM is SCORM conformant and can be used with any LMS that is suitable for this.

Advantages of OXM

Maximize the learning experience of your process operators by combining e-learning and simulation.

  • Short learning curve.
  • Qualified personnel, Plant operation know-how.
  • Theoretical foundation.
  • Detailed information about learning, score and experience.
  • Assessment and certificates of operators.
  • HRM support, career development.
  • Faster and better understanding of the production process.
  • Create readiness, responsiveness and alignment.
  • Real-time monitoring of trainees.
  • Management of trainees.
  • Smooth and fast introduction of new employees.
  • Stable operations will increase turnover en EBIT.
  • Better quality of your products.

OXM practice

OXM applications can be used to practice process start-up, optimum control with control strategies of various complexities and to train the operator on how to deal operation of the process under normal conditions.

In addition, the trainee is trained on how to deal with upsets and emergency situations.

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